Nevzat Tetik1,*, Ilhan Ilker1 and Salahattin Altundag2

Affiliation: 1Department of Business Adminstration, Inonu University, Turkey and 2Social Science Vocational School, Foreign Business, Dicle University, Turkey

*Email: [email protected]

Abstract: Financial literacy, along with its shortest definition, is the ability of individuals to use money rationally. Today, young individuals’ infrastructure and kits are not enough to understand finance and make the right decisions in the modern financial world. Young university students, young adults, and women need to have sufficient financial literacy to who have a high tendency to consume and are the individuals who will go into business life soon. In this study, we dive deep into the literature to take attention to the importance of financial literacy in the 21st century. Underlying the unique findings and pointing to the multi-disciplinary structure of financial literacy enable us to define scaling methods of financial literacy in the literature .

Keywords: Financial Literacy; Financial Knowledge; Financial Behavior; Financial Attitudes; Systematic Review.