Nazia Yaqoob*, Shumaila Mehnaz and Ammarah Saleem

Affiliation: Department of Applied Psychology, Government College Women University, Faisalabad, Pakistan

*Email: [email protected]

Abstract: Current study aims to measure social media addiction (SMA) level difference across age, Facebook usage, and duration of social media (SM) usage among late adolescence. The sample of the present study comprises of 230 (74 men and 156 women). The mean age of the study sample was 19.68±1.11 and they were selected from different academic institutions of Faisalabad by using convenience sampling technique. Descriptive statistics and Independent sample t-test was run for analysis. Results indicates that FB and Whatsapp are most widely used SM platforms, further male gender is more addicted to SM and as much there is an increase in duration of SM usage SMA also increases.

Keywords: Social Media Addiction; Social Media; Late Adolescence; Age; Pakistan.